In relation with the entire atmosphere the guests of the hotel can enjoy Breakfast , lunch & dinner at live action cooking main restaurant . A variety of Greek traditional cooking & nutrition at the continental buffet style during the dinner or they can choose extra service lunch from the a la carte menu* at the snack-bar. The a/c indoor & outdoor main restaurant is buffet style & live cooking . There are smoking and non-smoking seats.

  1. The “Pasiphae” Restaurant is named afterwards a sea goddess and according the greek mythology wife of Minoa and the queen of Crete. Our guests have a large variety of hot and cold dishes of the traditional Cretan and International cuisine. The self service system and the ability to taste their food either inside the air – conditioning internal area nor close to the pool can satisfy even the most dementing guest. Our guest can also taste with their food our variety of Cretan wines and spirits.


Our hotel offers two (2) bar choices, one at the restaurant lobby and one at the pool side.

  1. The “”DORIS”” Restaurant Lobby bar is named after) a sea goddess according the greek mythology, one of the Oceanids, daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys and wife of Nereus. It is open during the breakfast and dinner time. Is the perfect choise for soft drinks and hot beverages (like coffee, tea and hot chocolate) before and after your meal.
  2. The “”AMPHITRITE”” Pool bar is named afterwas a sea goddess and according the greek mythology wife of Poseidon and the queen of the sea. It is open 10:00 to 02:00. Is the perfect choise for cocktails, long drinks, soft drinks and hot beverages close to the pool.


Fitness gym

“A sound mind is in a sound body”, the ancient Greeks used to say. To be physically and emotionally healthy one needs to be active too. For those who desire to continue their fitness routine during the holidays, Anthoula Village sports a fully equipped gym inside the hotel’s facilities.

Tackle the treadmill, stationary bicycles, and elliptical cross trainers and other training equipment or stretching machines, whilst listening to your favorite tunes, amidst an inviting sporty setting. Staying fit has never been more rewarding than at the Anthoula Village.